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<p>While <strong> traditions </strong> are often synonymous with old <strong> customs </strong>, it is up to the new <strong> generation </strong> to nurture them so that they do not get forgotten. If the Moroccan <strong> crafts </strong> endures, is transmitted, and is spread throughout the world, it is because <strong> youth </strong> is very attached to it. But it doesn’t just happen. Indeed, <strong> children </strong> must be initiated from a <strong> young age </strong> to have an anchor point with their <strong> roots </strong>. It is for this reason that Muda Paris offers you its range of <strong> traditional Moroccan outfits for boys </strong>.</p> <h2> Moroccan outfits for children: Eid, festivals and traditions </h2> <p>Eid is approaching, with its share of celebrations for our toddlers. A festive atmosphere is felt on the way to the prayer. Parents and children will put on their best outfits. They will meet up with their friends, congratulating each other on their pretty clothes. Then will come those good times with the family, where visits will follow one another to the rhythm of platters of cakes and sweets. Gifts will be in order, and for such an important day in the hearts of believers, we must be able to transmit this spirit to the youngest. Eid is also the occasion to give your little boy a new outfit that he will wear proudly. And he’ll be overjoyed if he sees that he’s wearing the same outfit as his daddy!</p> <h3>Jabador for boys</h3> <p>Muda Paris offers jabadors, these party outfits made up of three pieces, for both adults and children. Indeed, we have thought of all ages since our sizes vary from 2 years old up to 16 years old! Something to delight young and old alike.</p> <h3> Kaftans for children </h3> <p>Your children will certainly be delighted to see that they too can dress “like grown-ups”. With Muda Paris, your little ones can have the same outfits as all the men they meet at the mosque, on Fridays or for daily prayers, and we are sure it will fill them with pride. In addition, they will grow up in the habit of wearing clothes appropriate to their principles.</p> <h2> Traditional Moroccan outfits for boys </h2> <p>Muda Paris offers you a selection of clothes that will delight all generations. Your offspring will be delighted to have an outfit like their daddy’s, uncle’s, etc. Also, the eyes of their parents will delight in observing this young generation wearing traditional outfits, making Moroccan craftsmanship endure a little more.</p> <h2> Moroccan outfit for circumcision </h2> <p>Circumcision is a very important stage in the life of a little Muslim boy. While most do not remember it, it is nonetheless a proud moment for parents. This moment when tradition joins the act of adoration, and will mark the child for life. It is very usual to celebrate this event by dressing the boy with a jabador or a caftan, like a prince for the day. With its different sizes, Muda Paris thinks of all children and offers outfits that can be kept as a precious memory.</p>