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At Muda Paris, we are committed to export Moroccan traditions , we are so proud of the artisans who cultivate exceptional know-how . Tailors, embroiderers, dressmakers, hatters and many other specialties, these manual clothing trades which require expertise and precision , and that we wanted to honor. Muda Paris thus invites the whole world to discover its traditional Moroccan outfits for men .

Islamic clothing for men

Because in Islam, men are also subject to standards in terms of clothing, it was essential for us at Muda Paris to offer outfits that are not only traditional, but above all completely compatible with the modesty that emanates from our faith.

Whether for praying at home, for going out or going to the mosque, our clothes are fully adapted to the religious prescriptions incumbent on Muslim men.

The caftan: the Moroccan qamis

The influence of the Arabian Peninsula has conquered the world. In the four corners of it, we rubbed shoulders with men wearing the qamis, whether in everyday life or only to go to the mosque.

While we can only be delighted to see men put on outfits adapted to their modesty, the fact remains that we wanted you to discover or rather rediscover the Moroccan version of qamis: the caftan!

Long sleeves and reaching to the ankles, the Muda Paris caftan is available in different colors, has a satin fabric, enhanced by the embroidery that adorns it on all sides. From size XS to size XL, it adapts to all body types.

Traditional Moroccan outfits for men


The ultimate comfortable outfit straight from Morocco! Its fine, light fabric and flared cut will make this garment an ally for your everyday comfort. Indeed, you can wear the gandoura as it is on a daily basis, whether at home or to go out if the climate allows it. The Muda Paris gandoura is to be discovered in its different colors for all sizes!


A staple of Moroccan culture, the jellaba can be found in wardrobes on cooler days. Indeed, its thick fabric allows it to be worn, indoors or outdoors, over a gandoura when the temperatures are dropping. Its straight and relaxed cut will make this piece a comfortable garment, while being sublimated by the brands of craftsmanship: the famous embroidery! In addition, the Muda Paris jellaba is entirely handmade!


Clothing for festive days, the jabador is an incomparable element of Moroccan tradition. It is made up of three parts:

  • A tunic
  • A pant
  • A cape

He is invited to all festive events: Eid, wedding, etc. Accompanied by a pair of slippers for the outfit to be complete, the most difficult thing in all of this will certainly be to choose the color among all those offered in our online store.

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