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Complete outfits for a Moroccan wedding

Muda Paris selects its clothes not only on their beauty, but also on their quality, which will undoubtedly be noticed. Fabrics with neat embroidery, the perfect combination for a chic, modern and sophisticated look.

Jabador and burnous

The jabador meanwhile consists of fitted pants, arriving at- above the ankles, a matching cape, in transparent fabric, subtly sublimating the tunic it covers.


To top it all off, Muda Paris has not omitted any detail and offers you a selection of slippers. The must-have Moroccan shoe did not just stay in the souks, it even conquered the catwalks of major brands. Handcrafted and authentic, straight from Morocco, Muda Paris slippers are available in different colors to match perfectly with the clothes you have chosen. You get it, Muda Paris doesn’t skimp on the details when it comes to men’s outfits.

Moroccan wedding: traditions for a successful event

The hand was requested and then granted, the discussions led to an agreement on the dowry, the date of the marriage was fixed. It is approaching and if it is certain that the bride is busy finding dresses that are more beautiful than each other, on the side of the bridegroom too we are trying to impress. The guests will all be dazzling, the future spouses must be more. In order to stand out among the crowd of caftans and jabadors that will surround them, the groom will opt for Muda Paris outfits. If the guests have made the same confident choice, we can obviously count on the burnous to distinguish the happy bride and groom.

The big day has arrived, the excitement of the wedding is at its peak, time for the festivities. There will follow a succession of moments of joy, emotions, sharing and rejoicing. The festive meal to delight the guests, the more colorful outfits will always brighten up the wedding hall. Red, blue, green … Caftans will meet jabadors, the youth holding on to its traditions. There is no question of abandoning customs that combine know-how, quality, authenticity and unmissable charm. A sense of aesthetics that has been passed down from generation to generation. This is the ambition of Muda Paris: to perpetuate traditions while highlighting the know-how of Moroccan craftsmen.

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